Corporate Commitment


W3coins is a one of a kind platform our business model is shaking the cryptocurrency world. Our team has some of the most leading professionals from all over the world. W3coins is not just some website we pride ourselves in the time in effort it took to create the platform. More importantly we are committed to your success in creating wealth for your future generations to come. W3coins technology and business model was created by researching all the cryptocurrencies on the market and some of the mistakes that occurred. We are committed to your success and have some of the brightest minds leading the way.


In the W3coins society we constructed the best methods possible to educate,develop and prosper. Our society is all about being unified to create a better world to prepare people for the future. W3coins is all about philanthropy percentages of our profits will go directly to help charities around the world. Our society will be impeccable just like the blockchain it operates on. W3coins is all about caring for people and serving people. Our mission will be to connect the world to our powerful platform.


A commitment for greater good

  • Greater accountability / Unlike cash, every exchange conducted over the blockchain is recorded on a single, globally accessible ledger - providing an accurate, unmodifiable financial audit trail.
  • Cost savings / The blockchain does not replace money or the existing financial system, it works with it. By providing a more efficient way to transfer value and reducing the reliance on cash, blockchain technology can save costs for government, banks, and end consumers.
  • Spotlight on compliance / We take great care with KYC and AML. Since every transaction is electronically recorded, this allows for real-time, accurate analysis of transactions to prevent money laundering and other illicit activities.